Artistic Approach

Johanne Kourie Artiste Peintre

    Artistic Approach:

Johanne Kourie, Painter





Self-taught painter, I explore various techniques and media in visual arts. Oil and acrylic remain my preferred media. Always on the lookout for new creations, I travel with my camera across waterfronts and landscapes of all kinds, animals and various objects found along my journey. Out of These thousands of photographs, emerge a few favourites that will awaken all my senses. Back in my workshop and impregnated by the atmosphere and the mood that prevailed when the shot was taken, I revive the moment in my own way and according to my inspiration with my brushes to render the atmosphere of the subject.


Warm and bright colors, vitality, brightness and movement describe my works impregnated with a touch of realism and a touch of naivety. A journey in my world where my reality and  imagination interweave...


"Fanfreluche (Quebec story-teller character from the 60’s) marked my childhood, the Impressionists awakened my artistic senses, my brushes reveal them!"