Artistic Approach

    Artistic Approach:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

As a self-taught painter, I have perfected my craft by acquiring various techniques and mediums in the visual arts. Oil and acrylic are my two mediums of choice. Constantly looking for new inspirations, I travel, accompanied by my camera seizing seaside, landscapes of all kinds, animals and various objects that might seem trivial at first glance. From these thousands of pictures, my favorites will light a heartfelt spark in me. Having been immersed in the ambiance and atmosphere surrounding these images, I bring them back to life in my way, and according to my inspiration, with my brushes that will know how to transport people with a single look, stop them a brief instant to enjoy the moment.



Warm and lively colors, joie de vivre, luminosity and movement best describe my works, imprinted with a touch of realism and a touch of naiveté. A walk in my world where my reality and my imagination intertwine, where you can escape for a brief moment.


"The Fanfreluche famed TV character marked my childhood, the Impressionists have awakened my artistic sense, my brushes allow me to express it!"